Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day 9 : Review of Profit Lance

Not much was done using the system today.

i think I'm returning to the old fashioned way of making money, by doing tangible physical work.

So my day hours were concentrated on getting things done in my business.

Also, a family thing got in the way, of reviewing today.

But maybe that is just a symptom of me losing interest?


Short one today.

Just wrote a few blogs.hmmmmmm

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day 7 : Review of Profit Lance

The more I go on with this system.

The more I think that any fast results by other people is somehow obscured by reality.

The other people having made money via Adwords, must've had some sort of prior experience, I know a few of the ppl that had some experience had been doing Adwords and other online marketing for a few years unsuccessfully with other methods.

So another lesson, that you shouldn't take advertisements at face value.

If ppl get results, it must've been that somewhere along the way they paid for it.

No easy results with online selling, it is a dynamic, complex, structured art form, that takes time to master, and there are no shortcuts.

Which actually leads my quite nicely to one of the books featured on the online course.

The book is "Think and Grow Rich", and indeed this one is a stunner. A real gem. The course provides a full length e-version of this book along with another same type book.

Started reading this book today.....and realise that it has a lot of good things in it.
The idea of psychology of wealth, why some people get over the long run, and others do not.

The simple, consistent way of thinking does affect our future and our lives.

This book not only illustrates that but also is remarkably similar to the 'newly' recently released "Secrets".

Makes you wonder doesn't it,,,, how new things can just be a beautifully packaged classic.

Anyway, although I am shelving the idea of pursuing Adwords campaigns, I nevertheless am pursuing the idea of developing traffic, and learning how to develop it, by creating blogs such as this one, and also writing articles about things that I have information/interest/professional knowledge about. This will stand me in good stead, when I finally do realise a market niche opportunity, a great website that i want to promote, be it my own, or another one, and at least this way I would have of developed the skill of generating traffic to this site.

So, up until this point, the course is ok. The psychology of wealth part is inspiring, the introduction to blog writing and article writing is also beneficial, however the concept of making quick money on Adwords and Adsense, isn't sold on me yet.

There is the portion of making money by writing e-b0oks, however I am definetly not at that stage yet.

Still learning, developing blogs and generating traffic. Apparently this is one of the most important techniques in online marketing, as traffic in the future equals income.

Anyway, hope that this ongoing 30 day review is providing people with an insight about the Profit Lance system.

Signing off

Life is not a sprint, it's a marathon.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day 6: Review of Profit Lance

One of the daily quotations on the Profit Lance course members site, states......the more you learn the more you earn.......indicating a long term view of it all.

As I read more and more into it, I realise that Profit Lance is very top heavy on affiliate marketing....which often means.......if you don't have your own website,,,, you are paying to promote other people's businesses.

Ummmm, i don't know about that. per each time somebody clicks on your ad, and you only get paid when someone actually purchases the product on the basis of your ad. that is actually rather difficult to do, and i can see requires a very long learning curve, with many difficulties along the way.

As I see it, you have to be an expert marketer to make money via affiliate marketing.

You really need to learn, a LOT of stuff about online interaction with your customers, about how the online environment (which is very changeable and dynamic) works, where each technique...advertising technique i mean .,...fits in.

Wow.......that is a lot of hard yakka.

Im thinking that there are easier ways out there to make money.

For one, learn all the skills of developing your own website......after having selected a hot niche.

Then use domain name registration to select a killer domain name that contains your keyword in the domain name, then do massive SEO along with great customer focused other words offer a product that directly addresses the needs and wants of your target market.

I'm beginning to see the potential of the internet and making money on it, how it is possible to create an informational product such as a E-book, on a topic that is really helpful to people and addresses a specific need, then using traffic generating techniques to your website, or blog.

But all in need to do the very hard long yards, before you get anywhere. There is no substitute for hard work, especially I am learning this.....on the online world.

The online world is highly dynamic, and hence you need to become highly dynamic as well.

You are in competition with all the other people also trying to make money online.

There is no fast money, without having done your online marketing apprenticeship.

All in all, today I used the Profit Lance course for educational purposes, to get a general idea about how SEO works.

The explanations are written in simple, easy to understand language, and the projects/exercises are helpful......however I get the feeling that learning all there is on the Profit Lance course, will not substitute the tried and tested and "real" lessons learned by doing it yourself.

it's as if the Profit Lance course, is a basic educational resource, rather than a proven money making system. At least that is the impression that I am getting.

The provided websites, are of limited quality, it is recommended to direct traffic and promote these sites via the techniques taught in the system.

However i am unwilling to lose money via Adwords, as i pay for each time people click on my ad, an ad that doesn't even promote my own product,.....but raises awareness of somebody elses product.

in my view, it would be far better to learn Adwords on your own product, at least this way, you are still generating some awareness of your product, that is used for future sales.

Hence the websites provided are of insignificant quality, and I cannot see myself making any money by promoting them.

The educational material, as i am reading through it, (and yes I am getting through most of it), is becoming clear to me, that it is of limited use, as I will only really start making money online, when I learn from my own mistakes, and I am unwilling to make mistakes on somebody elses product.

So, I am changing strategies, and going to use the material provided in the course, to promote my own product, and make money by raising awareness of my product. Keeping it simple, focused on one area, doing that well, generating income by that, then growing in knowledge and potentially looking at other sources of online income, but at the moment, I am going to promote my own product, and potentially get affiliates to promote my product and raise awareness of this one business, as opposed to doing 50 businesses and being confused as to which market niche I need to focus on.

To do something well, you need to focus your full energies and attention on one project, and consistently pursue excellence in this one area of interest.

Too much diversification for one person, leads to diluting the effort, and decreased probability of success, and it takes FAR longer to get success.

The more and more that I learn, the more and more I am convinced that SEO methods are a far more powerful way to make money, this entitles having your own website, and your own product.

So I guess in a way, I may be in a different situation than others, who do not have a website, nor have a product.

This online marketing course, nevertheless is a stepping stone, towards greater learning, and is a step up, from what I knew before about online marketing. So i aim to learn all that there is in this course, and then step up a level again, which looks as it it might be in the direction of SEO's and website development, and traffic generation towards this product.

So far I am satisfied with the educational benefits of this course, as it stands I recommend it as an online educational tool, however, NOT as an online money making it is clearly not.

To be fair the creator does state this, saying that, the more you learn the more you earn... no doubt.......but need to keep in mind......the amount of learning involved is huge.....and that doesn't just include reading, and watching videos, that includes making a lot of costly mistakes, im still not sure about affiliate marketing of other products so I am stearing clear of this. Intending to only focus on my own product.

Long blog, that included a lot of repetition, yep I know, just shows, how little I know about technology, and how much more I have to learn, especially about managing expectations about money making online and the reality of the amount of work, and risk involved with actually "really" making money online.


The more you learn the more you earn

Monday, March 16, 2009

Day 5 : Review of Profit Lance

Actually, this blog should be called my 30 days of learning about online marketing in general.

As along this journey, not only am I assessing just this one product, but I am also learning about the massive capabilities of the internet.

Today I chatted with a cousin of mine who works in IT, great for me I guess!

We got chatting about SEO Search Engine Optimization, and he said that affiliate marketing, and other small time traffic generation is insignificant in relation to SEO, and an intelligently targeted and worded domain name.

If the domain name contains your targeted keyword, you will automatically be trampolined up to the top 10.

Once you have selected a selection of great keywords, and then check their domain name availability, then be sure to quickly register those domain names!

These domain names can either be used as a url for your primary website, OR, if you already have an existing domain name, use them as redirection tools. These domain names garner all the interest that people have about a website, then the traffic is automatically redirected to your Primary money making web site.

Speaking to him, he said that affiliate marketing without a genuine website, is like working for peanuts, it will take you lightyears, and you may as well just use it as a learning experience, but control your expectation levels, because you won't make fast, significant money.

Therefore technology, and it's application, needs to also be used with a common sense attitude. Which is not very common, judging by all this hype on the internet about fast money.

You have to not only understand the technology as to what it does, but also understand it's limitations.

Expectations must be moderated.

Sure a healthy attitude towards technology is great, and necessary, however with money making opportunities (at least in my case), it has now been 5 days with using this system, and I haven't made any money yet, in actual fact, im starting to realise that I need to spend A LOT MORE TIME and potentially some more money, but mostly time, which some people would say is money, to build up knowledge about not only how online marketing works....but most importantly I have also realised that setting up an online marketing campaign........if you are not web savvy like very laborious and time consuming.

So far, it is not looking very promising for this system, in relation to money making capabilities.
The only good thing so far that it has taught me, is a greater overall awareness of the money making capabilities of the internet, especially with registering "diamond" domains...truly this is a gold mine.......but yet.......ladies and gentlemen boys and girls,.....I am yet to realise the effects.

So keep yourselves in contact with this, to see whether the SEO stuff also really works, or not so much. I registered today 10 hot domain names, all linked to my primary business. I was extremely lucky that these worldwide and locally (both .com and .au) were not to update my Primary website, and then generate traffic towards this site.

Overall, massive step by registering some extremely valuable real estate domain names, and also a greater awareness that affiliate marketing is small time, compared to SEO, which covers the 80%, now its important to get the other 20% by doing further blogs (like this one!), articles about the topic of my primary money making site...and no the primary site is not about online marketing, or online marketing techniques, or anything to do with online networking.....its just a stand alone business that exists in the real world, Im just learning how to use online marketing to augment it.

Also chatted to another friend of mine, who mentioned that it is better for me to promote my own business first, before attempting to promote any other businesses. This relates back to successful domain name registration that links and redirects back to the primary money making site, and also links to having a simple, effective website that is user friendly without being flashy.

That's all for today.

Today's lesson was that there are bigger fish to fry, and that is that SEO is far more important money making tool than affiliate marketing (this is however covered extensively in the Profit Lance course), and that it is far better to develop your own business online via promotion, using blogs, articles etc, than promoting anybody elses.......spending time on your own business will give you far greater ROI (return on investment) as you already more involved and knowledgeable about this area. Also that being involved in 50 million projects, such as promoting many websites, distracts you from the original idea and focus, better to do less but better, far better (ie get a lot of traffic in one area, than insignificant traffic to a lot of different areas). Hence it is far better to only spend a little bit of time on courses such as this one.......but focus on the real money makers......i guess however that the course did direct me to the important questions, and the important money making realisation, but in reality i was all for going towards affiliate marketing, now I am more oriented towards SEO and primary money making website functioning.

Till next time......

Failure is a far greater teacher than success

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day 4 of Profit Lance Assessment

Today I spent a lot of time planning, and setting goals.

I used the Projects, section of the course, to do the set exercises in order to learn the skills by practicing the skill.

As there were quite a few skills to do, I realised that I couldn't do them all in one sitting of only 2 hours. Especially if I wanted to do them justice.

Therefore for the remainder of the Projects set exercises, I used the, Task Manager, application provided in the course.

This Task Manager application allows you to input goals, and tasks, related to a specific Project.

Very quickly I started to clear my short term memory banks, and working memory and placed all the tasks, that the course indicates need to be done in order to acquire skills in specifically - Generating Traffic, to the main money websites.

I also endeavoured to include the remainder of the 15 websites provided in the course, as my target landing sites, and money making sites. Especially regarding generating passive income from adsense, and generating traffic to eventually provide sales and commission money through clickbank.

A lof of the traffic generation will be stimulated by blog postings, based on each website product offering, article postings, based on each website product offering, and auxiliary awareness raises as indicated in the course (i.e. press releases).

So today I spent about 2 productive hours, on setting up my online business, through commencing some blogs (such as this one), and also wrote an article that I posted in two different article directories.

Also for the remainder of tasks, for generating traffic and hence sales, i placed these tasks into the Task Manager, with a scheduled time for completion. This makes my mind focused on the tasks at hand, knowing when they have deadlines, and knowing what I need to do, to continue developing my online marketing portfolio of businesses. Sounds flashy doesn't it? well it is starting to excite me a little bit. But also makes me realise how much work, exactly needs to be done, to be successful.

if I complete all of the set tasks, I will know for sure, that my results and success will not be by accident, but by specific activities done by me. Hence, I will have of 'deserved' the success, because of the mass amount of setting up work done. So, i will be open, and accept the success, because I will feel that i deserve the success, I will not sabotage it, as too much hard work and effort would be placed. Momentum would've been created, and leverage.......well i have enough leverage at the moment. As my financial situation is in dire straits, so I must succeed in this.

Continuing tomorrow with a more directed mind on the set tasks inputted today into my task manager.

Learning and accepting, that there is much to learn, and that I must complete an apprenticeship in online marketing before i can become an "online marketer" and earn the amounts that I deserve.

Success leaves clues.

The harder you work, the luckier you become.

And my all time favourite....sic

Failure is a far greater teacher than success.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Day 3 of Profit Lance Assessment

Really this should just be called Day 3 of learning Internet Marketing, as where I am starting most probably different than many people in the business.

In short, I'm a techno baby, I definetly don't consider myself to be web savvy, nor even read up on new technology such as hardware or software etc.

I have some friends who are big into it, but when they start talking 'techno babble' i switch off.

So, that is where I'm starting from, a place of being a complete novice.

Sure I surf the web for pleasure, sports scores, check e-mail, small time research, but to be honest, nowhere near enough, to really take full advantage of these money making opportunities only just yet.

Having said that........the amount of learning resources on the Profit Lance course webpage, is huge, the links to e-books and sites, along with practical tutorials is truly immense.

So the journey has begun.

Yeah i've set up all sorts of accounts, the Google Adwords account, the Google Adsense accounts, this is all extremely exciting, but I'm still highly sceptical that I can make some money from it.

This is my current state of mind.

Having said that however as well, I have a character that 'follows through', and I think that is key, to any endeavour. The learning process can only occur if you follow through an entire project and assess it at the end. Hence I'm doing this for 30 days, assessing the system, using it's suggestions and learning material to make money online, as per the goals set out before.

Today, I realised that my Adwords campaign had garnered 6 clicks! That is 4 more from the other day. That is encouraging.

However I also learned through the pages of reading material, that clicks are clicks, but what you need is 'targeted' clicks, otherwise you will just end up losing money on paying for 'mistargeted clicks'. These clicks that I got, I realised were for 'keywords' that were too general, and not directly linked to my product offering, hence it was a waste of a few cents, however it was a good lesson. I read through the learning material, and learned the importance of a thorough 'targeted' keyword search process, that is lengthy, and that you need to get used to. Once you get the hang of it, then it takes less time and gives results. At the moment, I'm still at the stage of reading up about it, and need to bring up the courage to actually do it. Feeling trepidation and excitement, as like I said, I've never done any real commerce online before, for me this is very cutting edge, entrepreneurial stuff.

The endeavour of Adwords is to get a sale. So the keywords must be targeted to your 'paying' customer, and not to 'ordinary web surfers'. There are many genuine people, who want to purchase online, and indeed there are many great products and offers for sale online, cheaper than in the 'bricks and mortar' world.

In summary, today was a learning day, I revised my keyword list to get rid of the general keywords that provided clicks, but were too general to provide any real purchase potential.
Also learned that there is some softward that speeds up the keyword search process considerably, notably a software called 'keyword elite' which many of the advertised online marketers are using.

Also learned the process (read it and followed it through the learning material but haven't physically implemented it yet) of keywords search, and then keyword organisation (learned that it is important how the keywords are organised into ad groups, as opposed to having a whole bunch of keywords in one ad group). Learned the process of 'peel' and 'stick' to identify and capitalise on the highly profitable keywords found, by placing them in another ad group, and then catering the advertisement text around this highly profitable keyword. Very interesting.

Tomorrow, I will attempt to research into 1 niche market, identify one that is profitable, and source the 'keyword elite' software to identify profitable keywords towards this niche market.

Will also refine my current ad campaign, that exists on adwords, by organizing the existing keywords into categories, and ad groups, with each ad group having a similar topic keyword. Will also re-identify the most profitable keywords for the current campaign and import them into my ad campaign.

Till tomorrow. The learning journey continues.

Failure is a far greater teacher than success.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Day 2 of Profit Lance Assessment

Hi there,

So it's the second day of this assessment. I will be assessing this product for 30 days, monitoring my progress on this.

My goals for this online money making course is to:

1) Utilise the provided affiliate program in the course to generate 200 clicks to either of my 5 advertisements on the account.

2) Make $200 from online sales as a result of my online marketing Adwords campaign by the end of the 30 day assessment. Money to be approved and sent via Clickbank.

Today, I increased the number of advertisements placed onto the Campaign, from 1 advertisement to 5 advertisements. I also have achieved the result of receiving 2 clicks onto my advertisements. I will keep on going on into the night. It is now 23:30 Australian Eastern Daylight Time.

Also going to get onto You tube and see if there are any videos how others are generating income via Adwords.

Till tomorrow. Goals have been set, now pushing this system to it's hilt, how fast can this baby go?

It's the results that count.